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About the Withum Media Group

Our Vision is to help you fulfill your vision.

Withum & Co is driven by a passion and calling to help you bring forth the Word of God in every way possible… television, print, and digitally. Getting your unique message out is one thing, sustaining it and growing it is another. We do both! We’ve done it for others. We can do it for you!

Dan WITHUM – With an unrivaled blend of biblical knowledge, media ministry expertise, and broadcast television know-how, Dan is a trailblazing leader in the world of Christian media, having produced and directed some of the largest church services and stadium events in the history of the world plus countless studio broadcasts. His heart is to mentor and share his knowledge and wisdom. His unique ability to identify the needs of each individual organization’s mission allows him to implement practical and creative solutions that will help ministries maximize their effectiveness and reach.

Old(er) men do know stuff!

Sheila WITHUM – Sheila is an inspiring powerhouse! With decades of experience in multiple aspects of media ministry, she approaches projects with heartfelt enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Highly talented and extremely sought out, Sheila walks with great insight and discernment. She has a unique ability to identify individual giftings and strategically coach people to be most effective in fulfilling their God-given purpose.

Her high-level accounting and business background is a powerful asset when negotiating airtime and literary contracts and working with ministries to generate cost effective creative solutions.

GROUP – Our creative team of dedicated professionals specialize in every dimension of media – television production, digital media, print and mailing, copy and design, marketing and data management, AND MORE.

We hear your heartbeat. We work alongside you and your staff. We become part of your ministry team to maximize your effectiveness and ministry impact.

We serve ministries with experience and wisdom that generate results. We recognize each ministry has a unique God-given purpose & would be excited to help you fulfill yours.

Our Story

Withum Media Group (originally Withum & Co) launched in 2001, but God planned it long before that.

For Sheila, it started at seven years old when she said “Yes” to Jesus and walked down the aisle in a small-town church to “Just as I Am.” Her heart still cries, “Oh Lamb of God, I come.”

Dan was 12 years old when he heard the voice of the Lord, sitting in snowy woods all alone while watching the glistening snowflakes fall. Dan’s ears have been tuned to the voice of the Lord ever since.

Years later, Sheila was an IRS Agent in Fort Lauderdale who loved Jesus and the beach. Dan was the director at Miami’s only all-night TV station and an independent media producer by day. Dan still loved the outdoors and felt closest to God, surrounded by nature. One sunny afternoon, Sheila caught Dan’s eye at the beach. He said, “Ooh là là…”

The Lord brought their careers together at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, Dan in television and Sheila in accounting. God used working together to illuminate how their gifts and callings combine to create a powerful team. Not too long after, Sheila and Dan said, “I do,” and they’ve been saying it for more than 40 years.

When you choose the Withum Media Group, you’re choosing unity. You’re choosing experience, knowledge, and wisdom. You’re choosing a company with hearts and ears attuned to God to seek divine strategies to propel your vision and mission. It’s the Withum way!

What are you waiting for? Make your media ministry more than just a vision: We are ready to help!

Our team has been fortunate enough to serve on the inside of some of America’s most influential and impactful ministries, learning first-hand what makes them tick. We know media ministry from the inside out and we developed our own signature formula–The Withum Way.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are built around essential pillars like creative thinking, innovation, adaptability, effectiveness, and trustworthiness, so you can rest assured that when partnering with us with all aspects of your media ministry— from strategy to production and budgeting to airtime—you’re in good hands.

Contact us today and see firsthand how powerful a collaboration with us would be! The Withum Way is sure to elevate your ministry for long-term success like we have so many others.

We serve ministries with experience and wisdom.


We hold ourselves to the highest spiritual and ethical standards, speaking truthfully, so that our clients can trust us without question. Why? We serve those who serve Christ.


We strive to be the best! Why? We strive to Glorify God in all we do.


We know how to merge traditional broadcast ministry strategies with new media platforms to generate response and achieve positive results. Why? We are highly skilled professionals called to serve those who serve Christ and we take our calling seriously.