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Old Men Know Stuff Episode #26 “10 Steps to Miracle-Working Faith”

By December 13, 2023No Comments

As we look forward to the next season in our lives and the new year, use these 10 steps to pull down every stronghold or wall that you are facing?

Whosoever shall say to the mountain in front of you, be removed and cast away, and shall NOT doubt in their heart, but believe those things which He says shall come to pass, you shall have whatsoever you say. Mark 11:22-24


  1. Conviction: Be fully persuaded that God is backing you.
  2. Calculation: COUNT THE COST!  A growing process in your spiritual walk is weighing the pros and cons of your desire.
  3. Conflict: Here comes Satan. When “What If” or “You Can’t Do It”  come up …  Pray Through…back to your foundation of faith
  4. Cleansing: Joshua 3:5 “Sanctify yourself…so God can do wonders among you.
  5. Courage: His will regardless/His direction will take courage/Faith takes courage.
  6. Commitment: I shall leave all consequences to Him.
  7. Compliance or obedience: God told Joshua to do all he was told when crossing onto Israel’s Promised land, Joshua did it. Obedience brings blessing.
  8. Cooperation: (with the Lord…causes people to cooperate with you). Your steps are ordered of the Lord. -Psalm 37:23
  9. Confidence: Builds as you take those steps toward the LORD.
  10.  Conquest occurs in YOUR MIND. Remove ALL doubt. Remind yourself that He is able…and like Abraham, be FULLY PERSUADED that what He has promised, shall come to pass.

…I pray that one or all of these 10 steps WILL produce MIRACLE-working Faith in your life and that whatever mountain you are facing WILL BE MOVED, in Jesus’ name.

 Dan Withum 2023

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